Aillio Sample Roaster – With technology that is unrivaled at any price point, there isn’t another 1kg roaster on the market that can do what it does. The Bullet offers better data, more precise control, and unparalleled ease-of-use, Precision automatic preheating, RoasTime roast profiling and management software, 9 power levels, 12 fan speeds, 9 drum speeds and a preheat range from 160°C to 310°C. That’s how we roast small and extremely high priced coffees, just before being ordered. This allows us to be flexible in any demand of specialty coffees and serve best, special clients at their needs.


We have 25kg Probat- a roaster with highly consistent roast and uniform bean pattern, optimum mixing through a special shovel mechanism, simultaneous roasting and cooling, particularly high degree of separation thanks to separate cyclone, thermocouple for the product and roasting exhaust air temperature, individually adjustable frequency converters to control the drum rotation speed and roasting exhaust air. Recipe management with any number of user-definable recipes – all stored settings can be safely and automatically reproduced. Safe transfer of recipes to other roasters while maintaining reproducibility. Control of several roasters via one surface. Connection of the control to any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. This is the oldest, highest class and advanced roasting technique, which allows us to get consistent and sustainably batches, which can be repeated every single day, nontheless the weather conditions.


60kg Totally automatic coffee roaster, made for our own needs. It is the highest class materials, with even bigger drum, facilitating us to roast batches of 70kg sacs, which saves us a second roasting. Through the seventeen inch touch screen we easily control drum speed, burner, coffee loading, discharge, roasting profile, air fan, cyclone process and destoner loading. All the automatic points make it very easy for our master roaster to continue in the production within large volume. One of the best and oldest machines on the east European markets made in a company with history in coffee roasting since 1930.

We believe in taste of freshly roasted coffee and as professionals we are aware of the pros and cons in any production process. That is why with the equipped roasting machines, packaging machines and our philosophy for gathering a team of different balanced, keen for new knowledge teammates we form a great company with enormous potential.

We take into consideration any small detail, which might be “the smallest stone to turn any wheel”, so with attention to detail and constant relationship and communication with our clients, we keep everyone happy with their end product.