We mainly focus on coffee trading companies which deal with related trainings for coffee farmers. In most cases their primary topics of training include best practices for farm health, harvesting, processing, and caring for coffee quality during production. The main objective of the projects is to improve the farmers’ quality and productivity through enhancements of their agronomy and production skills, or “software,” such as better pruning techniques and composting methods.

The limitation which those trading companies regularly face is the existing infrastructure, or the “hardware” – the coffee trees themselves. They typically find randomly mixed varieties that have been planted conveniently, but not strategically optimized for providing the farmer higher quality, more productivity, and efficiency.

By using advances in agricultural science, it is possible to improve coffee yields, quality, climate resilience, and farmer livelihoods. So our trading partners are focused in diversity, which does a couple of things:

  1. With more biodiversity, a farm is able to weather the storm of new pests as well as a changing climate.
  2. With focused variety planting, a farm can plant the “correct” varieties for their specific geography and climatic conditions. This allows a coffee tree to be put into an environment that fits its needs. A happy tree is a healthy tree, and healthy trees produce more and better coffee.

Those are the words of the company’s we trade green coffee with. 

We always enjoy the efforts we put into our trading partners, in order to support their work, hence, the work of farms all around the world.

We do have a direct sourcing with few farms, which maintain great sustainability and keep on going nevertheless obstacles served each year from climate change or varieties change.

We will continue growing together with our partners.