About us

   The company was founded in 2008. It started its activity with trade and distribution of coffee and related products.

   We are professionals with many years of experience in coffee production.

   The world leaders’ coffee machines Slayer Espresso USA, VBM and the grinders Mahlkonig found in our face, the best partner for Bulgaria. Due to many years of experience, we can be luxury handcrafted, both in international markets and in our market.

   Nowdays we are focused on the wholesale and specialty coffees. Capacity of Specialty coffee over 1 ton/month, with enough space to create, our team boldly experiments and creates new espresso blends and drinks. We have 3 roasting machines and multiple packaging machines.

   We maintain over 40 different specialty coffees from around the world and over 10 different coffee blends. We select, roast and package specialty coffees by hand. In this process, we put all our knowledge, emotions, constantly build, experiment and succeed!

   You can visit us on site at the factory, after a pre-arranged meeting and touch directly the production of one of the most loved drinks in the world.